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Work Out Like A Celebrity With F45 Training

With the plethora of celebrity fitness routines out there to target every muscle group and to suit different fitness goals, choosing the perfect workout can be quite overwhelming. Whether your goal is to slim down, bulk up or just maintain your overall health, the revolutionary fitness programme F45 is the perfect holistic routine for time-strapped working professionals yearning to get the most out of their precious workout time.

A Work Week With Jane Lu – CEO of Showpo

On Tuesdays, I’m up early for my morning F45 class. Waking up super early is a struggle some days but after I’m done my class I never regret it! Also after working out, I feel the need to eat healthy throughout the day so that’s always a plus. I’ll usually have some rice paper rolls for lunch. Tuesdays are usually very busy as well as I’m getting all my tasks done for the week. It involves a lot of skype meetings and answering emails but I love taking a little break to swing in our hammocks at work in between meetings. After work on Tuesday, I generally go to my parent’s house for dinner which I really enjoy. Mum hates it when I miss family night!

How to change your body in 8 weeks

Eight weeks of training affect the body? Men and women have demonstrated an amazing external transformation, after joined General fascination with the F45 Challenge.

F45, Ritual & Kayla Itsines: Which HIIT Workout is right for you?

With the recent trend in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Workouts, we put three popular programs to the test

Workout for the time-strapped picks up pace here

Time-strapped and sedentary office workers, your journey towards fitness just got a little easier.
The latest fitness trend, F45, is mushrooming across the country.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of F45 training, the brand new fitness method that’s swept across the island. We asked three passionate studio owners, MEL CASSIDY, JAYNE STREET and CAT STEPHENS, why they joined the movement.

How To Localise Your Business And Build A Community: Luciano Tesoriero Of F45 Training

The Owner and Director of F45 Training Studios In Singapore and Australia talks about how he builds communities from scratch in each market he enters.

F45 Training In Singapore: The Most Intense 45 Minutes Of My Life

Somewhere between HIIT and Crossfit lies F45, a 45-minute-long functional training programme that has recently hit our shores early this year. The F45 fitness franchise was first developed in Australia, and has since taken the rest of the world by storm with its fast-paced full-body workout.

Want to get fit and strong in 2018? F45 ambassador Cory George reveals what it takes

If you’re part of the F45 Training cult, you’ll have noticed a new buff guy up on the screens that demonstrate each day’s workout. He’s LA-based athlete and fitness model Cory George, who’s joined the F45 team as an ambassador as the Sydney-based brand seeks to conquer the States.

Paige Hathaway & Rob Deutsch Tell Us How F45 is Working Out

There’s no denying Australia’s love affair with working out. Need proof? Just ask Donny Benét. We’re a nation of beaches beset with bronzed and buff bodies, and rather proud of it. Former equities trader Rob Deutsch co-founded F45 back in 2011. In just six years it’s become one of the greatest franchises and, now, exports, the Australian fitness (and dare I say business) community has ever seen. This is no dumb luck, however. Deutsch saw his opportunity and pounced with surgical precision. Everything they do is calculated and deliberate, but all with the common goal of helping people achieve their fitness goals in the least boring way possible.

How to stay young: THIS trendy gym workout can turn back time – just BEWARE these moves

EXERCISE is known to boost weight loss and make you stronger, but a particular gym workout could have an anti-ageing effect on your body too. Exercise may be more than just a way to maintain your waistline and build muscle – it could turn back time. A study published earlier this year discovered that high-intensity interval training – often abbreviated to HIIT – has an anti-ageing effect on the body. The workout has become a popular gym workout in recent years, and involves quick, short bursts of exercise.

The best new fitness classes and trends to try in 2018

Improving your fitness level is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, however gym memberships often go unused from February onwards. The trick to getting fit and staying that way is finding the right exercise for you. To give you a helping hand, Bazaar has edited the best new classes and experts for 2018.

There are two types of abs in the world: six-pack abs and Paige Hathaway abs. As well as owning one extremely ripped stomach, Hathaway is a fitness guru and Instagram influencer. In 2011 she started dabbling in fitness for the first time and in less than a year went from having 300 followers on Instagram to more than 500,000 followers.

This Is the Diet Behind F45 Global Ambassador Paige Hathaway’s Incredibly Fit Physique

When fitness mogul Paige Hathaway dishes out health and wellness advice, you’d wanna listen up. After all, there’s a reason she has more than 5.6 million Facebook followers, an extra 4 mil on Instagram and a mega-successful online training program. We chat to the F45 global ambassador about her love for the cult franchise, her workout of choice and her journey to the top.


​We are only a few weeks away from Christmas and if you’re like me you are completely disorganised and still have no idea what to buy for some of your family and friends. Or maybe you are very organised and only have the last few bits to buy, or nothing at all (go you if you are that person, I’m forever trying to be as organised as you). I’m quite lucky in that I have a teeny little family and a few close friends so I don’t have loads of people to buy for but I still always struggle to buy for people, especially the “fitpos” in my life!

Experience vouchers Christmas gift guide

If, like me, you are already starting your Christmas shopping or starting to think about what you are buying each person you will already know there is at least one person on the list you have no idea what to get. It might be the dad who never wants anything much, the friend who seems to already have everything or the indecisive partner who doesn’t know what they want. How about something different for them this Christmas? My Christmas experience voucher gift guide is just the thing you need. Instead of buying something that will never get any use gift an experience voucher.

‘I don’t diet, I make healthy choices’: Teacher, 32, who transformed her body through exercise and impressive meal prepping reveals why you should NEVER weigh yourself

High school teacher, Katie Lolas, has gained a loyal following of close to 80,000 due to her inspiring meal prep snaps and fitness tips.

And now, after celebrating her 32nd birthday, the Sydney-based fitness junkie has revealed that despite weighing more than she did at 30, she looks and feels better than ever.

Cory to Host FREE F45 Training Outdoor Training Session

F45 Training is set to bring its freshest face to Australia for the first time for an outdoor training session, F45 Track, at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre on Sunday, 17th December. The FREE session is open to everyone who’s up for some sweaty, functional fun and keen to meet Cory George, the newest face of F45tv!

Cory George joined F45 Training following an extensive search of over 100 fitness models internationally and joins a carefully selected group of fitness models to deliver movement demonstrations featured in studios on F45tv, something that is uniquely a part of F45 Training, the fastest growing fitness network in the world.

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