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A Work Week With Jane Lu – CEO of Showpo

On Tuesdays, I’m up early for my morning F45 class. Waking up super early is a struggle some days but after I’m done my class I never regret it! Also after working out, I feel the need to eat healthy throughout the day so that’s always a plus. I’ll usually have some rice paper rolls for lunch. Tuesdays are usually very busy as well as I’m getting all my tasks done for the week. It involves a lot of skype meetings and answering emails but I love taking a little break to swing in our hammocks at work in between meetings. After work on Tuesday, I generally go to my parent’s house for dinner which I really enjoy. Mum hates it when I miss family night!

How to change your body in 8 weeks

Eight weeks of training affect the body? Men and women have demonstrated an amazing external transformation, after joined General fascination with the F45 Challenge.

F45, Ritual & Kayla Itsines: Which HIIT Workout is right for you?

With the recent trend in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Workouts, we put three popular programs to the test

Workout for the time-strapped picks up pace here

Time-strapped and sedentary office workers, your journey towards fitness just got a little easier.
The latest fitness trend, F45, is mushrooming across the country.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of F45 training, the brand new fitness method that’s swept across the island. We asked three passionate studio owners, MEL CASSIDY, JAYNE STREET and CAT STEPHENS, why they joined the movement.

How To Localise Your Business And Build A Community: Luciano Tesoriero Of F45 Training

The Owner and Director of F45 Training Studios In Singapore and Australia talks about how he builds communities from scratch in each market he enters.

F45 Training In Singapore: The Most Intense 45 Minutes Of My Life

Somewhere between HIIT and Crossfit lies F45, a 45-minute-long functional training programme that has recently hit our shores early this year. The F45 fitness franchise was first developed in Australia, and has since taken the rest of the world by storm with its fast-paced full-body workout.

‘Warrior Workout’ Uses Hockey Technique To Help Wounded Vets

A program in the Twin Cities is using hockey to help wounded veterans. Kylie Bearse talks with Adam Meyer of F45 Training and Mike Seegar of Hendrickson Foundation

How to Workout For Free in NYC

Boutique fitness style classes are all the rage these days. I mean, what’s not to love? The studios are beautiful and the workouts are amazing. Well, there is one thing…the price. A single class at one of these high-end studios could cost you $30, usually more. And that’s for just an hour of sweating! Not to worry, I’ve got your best interest in mind (and your bank account). Keep reading to learn how you can sweat for free in NYC!

New Shanghai Gym: F45 Training

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2014 and now with 800 locations worldwide, F45 Training (short for ‘Functional Training for 45 minutes’) is a fitness studio that offers high-intensity circuit team training workouts that are particularly suited for individuals who want to get fit amidst juggling busy schedules – as stated in its brand name, each session lasts just 45 minutes. After making its way to Beijing earlier this year, their second China location opened up in Shanghai’s Jiashan Market this July.

Ripped and ready! Celebrity fitness star Paige Hathaway flaunts her incredibly toned physique in G-string bikini at Bondi Beach

She’s the US based internationally renowned fitness star who boasts over 4 million Instagram followers.
And as the face of Australian gyms F45, Paige Hathaway proved just why as she rocked a bikini on Bondi Beach this week.
The 29-year-old stunner flaunted her washboard abs and ample cleavage as she took to the sands.

Blackburn’s F45 Training studio achieving outstanding fitness results with its eight-week challenge

IT’S been dubbed the latest fitness craze and F45 has taken Blackburn by storm with gym-goers becoming addicted.
F45 Training is an Australian-based franchise with 45-minute group classes featuring functional exercises, focusing on positions, strength and cardio.
Blackburn studio owner Mike Addison said he opened the studio to address a gap in the fitness industry.

Two weeks at Functional 45

Since moving to Shanghai I’ve been a bit lazy and have run a fraction of what I used to do in London. I have lots of excuses: I didn’t know the city, it’s impossible to run to work without a shower at work, it’s hot (it maxed out at 45 degrees), it’s raining (rain here is heavy – I don’t mind getting wet but the roads flood and there are huge storms), my stomach is bad, etc. But a lot of the time I’ve just been lazy.

Australian Training Franchise F45 Expands in Shanghai

Taking the rest of the world by storm, F45 Training is opening its doors soon in Shanghai within Xuhui District’s former French Concession at Jiashan Market.

Australian fitness craze F45 has finally landed in Shanghai

Group training cult F45 has taken the world by storm over the past few years, expanding from a single studio in Sydney in 2014 to a fitness empire with 800 studios in 24 countries. And finally it’s muscled its way into Shanghai’s Jiashan Market, all glistening and bulging guns a-blazing.

Free Stuff Alert: 2 Weeks Free Training at Camel Group’s New Gym !

Yes, Camel Group has a gym now. Camel Group — you know the one from The Camel, D.O.C, The Bull & Claw etc — closing the loop. They feed you the calories, then they charge you to take them away. It’s the F&B snake eating its tail. Genius.

Check Out These Two New Gyms: F45 and MOVEM

Here are two new gyms to put on your radar—MOVEM and F45. MOVEM gets your heart pumping through a combination of cycle and rave, whilst hard-core HIIT lovers will appreciate a serious sweat session at F45. Both gyms are currently offering promotions—F45 is offering a two-week free trial.

Quinn off to the F45 national titles

The F45 Bundaberg owner last month won the South Australian championship in Glenelg at the F45 play-offs.
The play-offs see athletes complete 10 exercises in 10 minutes for points out of 100 for each one.
The winner is the athlete who score the most points in the time with a maximum possible score of 1000.

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